ObamaCare and the 'RobertsTax'

One of the necessary features of any law is enforcement. Taxes are laws, and if you don't pay your taxes, the government swoops down on you like a raptor on a rodent. You then must either pay up or prove that you don't owe the money the government says you owe. Otherwise, government can garnish your wages, take your house, or maybe even put you in prison. None of that applies to the "tax" that Chief Justice John Roberts "discovered" in the Affordable Care Act, which the legislation had mistakenly labeled a "penalty" for noncompliance with the mandate to buy health insurance. To help dissuade the judiciary from "legislating from the bench," this newfangled tax/penalty should forevermore be referred to as the "RobertsTax." (CAUTION: reading further may make you a "subversive.") If having provisions for enforcement is necessary for a "tax" to really be a tax, then the RobertsTax isn't a tax at all -- it's a suggestion. That's because ObamaCare expressly forbids the IRS from prosecution...(Read Full Article)