Magical Thinking and Iran

One of the characteristics of the progressive or utopian mindset is its devotion to magical thinking. Progressives, particularly the "useful idiot" progressives, believe that by pronouncing certain incantations or magical words or by performing certain types of magical rituals, problems can be made to disappear. This immature way of dealing with the world has as its underlying dynamic a childlike reliance upon hope and wishful thinking and presupposes a world of circumscribed or repetitive uniformity which the progressive believes he can succeed in organizing and controlling via his expertise in "magic." More specifically, the progressive believes (or rather hopes) that the behavior of hostile or dangerous forces can be controlled or neutralized by the application of the appropriate magic. Because magical thinking and behavior is ritualistic, it has a very limited capacity for adaptation to external circumstances, which is one of its most dangerous characteristics. The magical...(Read Full Article)