Liberal Certainties and Uncertainties about God, Man, and Marriage

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM)'s March for Marriage took place on March 26, 2013, from Washington, D.C.'s National Mall to the United States Supreme Court and back.  While the arguments for preserving the natural institution marriage as existing between one man and one woman are sound, the arguments of "same-sex marriage" (SSM) proponents displayed by counter-protestors at the march demonstrated a bewildering incoherence.  Defenders of marriage should note and expose such illogic for the sake of avoiding its consequences and preserving a vital social institution. As opposed to an estimated 5,000 march participants, some 200 SSM advocates gathered on the sidewalk before the Supreme Court, the scene of just beginning judicial arguments over the constitutionality of various marriage laws.  Not wearing any identifying insignia, I stepped away from the march and mingled among my political opponents.  Many of them carried placards from United for...(Read Full Article)