Ignorant, but not Stupid

Ordinary people may not know much about public affairs, but it is wrong to assert, as one Political Science professor from a Big Ten university allegedly said shortly after the 2010 elections, voters are "pretty damn stupid." Ignorance means a lack of knowledge about a topic. Stupidity refers to a lack of mental capability. Political ignorance should not be excused because it is deleterious to popular government. Nevertheless, ignorance can be rectified, at least a little. Cognitive ability is mostly set at birth. Doubts about citizens' political IQs are as old as the Republic. Accusations of grassroots political ignorance are not the exclusive purview of any political party or ideological orientation. Usually, charges that "voters are idiots" are levied by the losing side after an election. Several of the responses to my earlier article asserting that most Americans don't know much about politics made this type of comment about Obama voters. Yes, some people who voted for him were...(Read Full Article)