How the United Nations Will Establish the State of Hamas

To some degree, it seems unnecessary to write another article depicting the naive foolishness of the United Nations and describing the utter uselessness of this institution.  Yet, even when one is convinced that the United Nations cannot fashion another way to prove that it should be headed for the foggy pastures occupied by the League of Nations, this august institution finds yet another means of establishing its irrelevance to world affairs. Granted, the action by the United Nations we are about to discuss is now several months old. But recent headlines in Palestine emphasize the foolishness of their recent action beyond what was obvious at the time. The United Nations General Assembly - a body to which the United Nations charter itself grants no international power -- in response to the demand by Mahmoud Abbas, deemed the Palestinian Authority a sovereign state.  It is not an exaggeration that this powerless body said, "Poof!  You're a state."  Its members...(Read Full Article)