How Sharia Kills Free Speech

Al Qaeda's English language magazine Inspire, in its latest edition, has expressed the jihad terror organization's outrage over the "Innocence of Muslims" video trailer, an amateurish production which merely depicted some of the less salutary aspects of the Muslim prophet Muhammad's biography, based upon the sacralized Islamic sources. These threatening statements appear on p. 4: O Muslims, the film produced in America which insults our Messenger Muhammad comes in the chain of the crusade attacks on Islam. In response to these consecutive assaults, the Muslim ummah revolted in honor of their noble Messenger. The plot of the enemies backfired and became a disgrace and shame on them, a penalty for their insults on the status of the Prophets, violation of the sacred lands and trespassing the boundaries of war ethics. Meanwhile, the status of our Messenger remains high and honorable. No insult could ever tarnish him. Whoever hates him is cut off from success and prosperity in this world...(Read Full Article)