Gaining Hispanic Voters

Republicans are contemplating how they can gain Hispanic support in the next election. Some analysts have said that they can't compete with giving away benefits to Hispanic voters, since the Democrats already have that locked up. So many millions of Hispanic voters are being supported by the Democratic Party that coaxing them away may be hopeless. To some extent this is true. But there are ways the Republicans can begin a campaign to move Hispanics away from Democrats. This campaign can begin immediately, and can strike at the heart of Hispanic support. The fact is Hispanics come here for a better life and the Democrats have given it to them. There is no doubt that illegal immigration is a demographic/electoral strategy Democrats have consciously and very aggressively pursued, as I have explained here before. Simultaneously, Hispanics in the U.S. are becoming disenchanted with the Democratic promise of paradise in "el norte." While Democrats have encouraged Hispanics to move to such...(Read Full Article)