Four Tiers of Failure: How the LGBT Lobby Dominates

I never knew the extent of a lobby's power until fate called me to speak on behalf of children's rights.  Now, six months after having come forward with a logical, secular argument against same-sex parenting based on experience, broad research, and international law, I have been met with vicious attacks and something far worse than viciousness: a massive nationwide cold shoulder.  Both left and right are allied in a complete blackout of dissent from LGBT orthodoxy. Doug Mainwaring is a gay father in Maryland; he and I jointly signed an amicus brief in support of Proposition 8.  Over the last six weeks, fifteen news organizations have rejected our editorials and refused to interview us; many, like Salon and the New Republic, gave major coverage to the pro-gay marriage side at the same time that they rejected our correspondence. Some of these publications are conservative, though I will strive not to burn bridges by naming them here. I am, moreover, the only person reared...(Read Full Article)