Europe acquiesces while Jews are threatened, and killed. Again

When Gunther Grass, a German writer, wrote a nasty bit of verse attacking the Jewish state of Israel and defending the Mad Mullahs of Iran and their genocidal desires to destroy the world's Jews, many of the chattering classes in the Europe were, oh-so-shocked.  Considering Grass's background as a member of the notorious Waffen S.S., I was not.  The only shocking thing to me was that a Nazi verbally attacking the Jewish state was considered newsworthy by anyone in the real world. Likewise, when a French Muslim Arab brutally massacred a French Rabbi, his two sons, and an eight year old girl, I was disgusted, but not shocked.  But once again, many in Europe were.  Disgustingly, the French government, which loves to police the language of some critical of Islam, did nothing to head off the killer, or crack down on his religious inciters.  Over the years, the French government has often gone out of its way to avoid prosecuting, condemning, or even exposing, the...(Read Full Article)