End the Madness at the EEOC

With no authority to do so and with flawed factual support, the EEOC has issued an enforcement guideline that would compel employers to discriminate in favor of minority ex-cons. It's past time for Congress to rein in the EEOC and make them withdraw this directive by other name. (a) The EEOC Enforcement Guidance Procedure Over 89 million Americans are presently out of the labor force. The New York Times seems to offer a muddled explanation for the fact that employers have money to hire but aren't doing so even when they need extra help. The Federal Reserve's vision is less cloudy. In its latest beige book the Fed indicates that uncertainty about the impact and requirements of Obamacare is playing a significant role in the national job freeze cutting into sales and hiring. Of course, it's a major factor, but it is just one large example of the many regulations and actions by federal agencies -- entities with a great deal of power which bear no responsibility for their bad decisions --...(Read Full Article)