Dangerous Times: Crypto-Fascism in Italy, Hungary, Greece, Albania

A great sense of alarm is spreading among ordinary Europeans today, especially in the south and east of the continent.  Now even the elitist media are giving us the worst international news since the Cold War. Americans do not want to hear this, either. Well, you may not be interested in evil, but evil may be interested in you. Listen up. This could be important. The Washington Post just told us that a dictatorial strongman has risen to power in Hungary, a man named Viktor Orban.  In a two-hour parliamentary session, Orban forced radical changes in the Hungarian constitution to favor his own party.  Orban caught the European media and political elites by complete surprise. In Germany, Der Spiegel is finally reporting on Beppe Grillo, calling him "the most dangerous man in Europe."  Grillo is the failed Italian comedian who used the web to recruit 9 million voters in the recent election, barely one percent short of Mussolini's first vote in 1922, giving...(Read Full Article)