Can Anyone be Only a 'Little Bit Pregnant?'

The claim to be "little bit pregnant" has always stood as the height of absurdity. But just as you can't be only a "little bit" pregnant, you can't lose only a "little bit" of your freedom. If you doubt this, just ask yourselves this question: Are you a "little bit" less free than you were last year? Are you a "little bit" less free than before you went off to college? Were you asked to justify your sexual preferences then? Were you asked about your political views? Were you penalized because you served in the military? Or because you hadn't? Or because you didn't agree with a professor? Are you a "little bit" less free when it comes to deciding where you will send your own kids to school? Are we all a "little bit" less free to form or join social organizations that choose to have rules that our "betters" deem inappropriate? Or would membership in such an organization create a fear of legal action from some individuals with whom you would prefer not to interact with socially in the...(Read Full Article)