Brutal Realism About the Middle East

History is made by imperfect men. This should be obvious; but only Israel is held to standards of perfection that no one else could measure up to. Yet, this is the drivel which is now taking over the planet. We see the BBC regularly condemning the Jews for land theft in the West Bank; for colonialism. Excuse me! Didn't the British rule one-quarter of the planet at one time? Isn't Britain still in Northern Ireland, a province whose very name, history, and geography belies the English claim to the territory? Then there are the French, another runner up in the imperial department. Wait?! Didn't Napoleon offer to give Israel to the Jews? Have they forgotten that? Spain, which once ruled most of the Americas, is now going to lecture Israel. Spain wants Gibraltar back, but she won't let Israel keep Judea and Samaria?! The list goes on and on. The Latins of South America, many of whom who are descended from Spaniards and Italians who had to fight for centuries to throw off the Islamic yoke,...(Read Full Article)