Beautiful Sociopath

Upon first gazing upon her, Jodi Arias appears to be a lovely young woman. She has that endearing charm and welcoming smile one sees in the carefree countenance of twenty-somethings whose world lies before them like an oyster. Speaking glibly and with unaffected confidence to interviewers, she draws in her audience as a skilled angler lands a catch -- without seeming strained or calculating in her mannerisms. That being said, one therefore would be hard pressed to believe that she is on trial in Maricopa County, Ariz. for murdering her ex-lover as brutally as any Taliban warrior ever could. Indeed, Ms. Arias belongs to the spectrum of sociopaths that walk amongst us; and watching her trial on TruTV is a study in mental pathology as criminal justice attempts to cut beneath the mask to where something malevolent lies in repose. For the novice here: Miss Arias in June of 2008 decided that it was no longer possible that her ex-lover Travis Alexander should continue to live comfortably and...(Read Full Article)