Will John Kerry Stand with the Mullahs of Iran?

There was a ray of hope among Iranian-American human rights activists that, after four years of failed negotiations with Tehran, the Obama administration would see the light and adopt a new policy on Iran. After all, the negative IAEA reports against the Khomeinist regime, as well as the backing of European allies have proven fruitless and the State Departments' secret and public negotiations have been nothing but futile. However, the appointment of Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State dashed all hopes that the second term of President Obama may bring a policy change leaning towards the people of Iran, whose uprising for freedom and democracy was willfully ignored by the United States in 2009. Senator Kerry's controversial background on Iran has raised serious concerns among Iranian-Americans. Considering Kerry's long relations with known proxies and brokers of the Khomeinist regime, Iranian-Americans have come to wonder whether Kerry's ideological disposition would lend itself...(Read Full Article)