Why Leftists Should Fully Support the Second Amendment

The point on the  political spectrum most frequently associated with gun control is the extreme left. They tell us to trust in government, and that no one needs a machine gun, assault rifle, or handgun. Deer rifles and skeet guns should be more than enough for civilians. When supporters of the Second Amendment point out that we need guns for the eventuality of a fight against our own tyrannical government, the leftists laugh at and belittle them; after all, tyranny is not even on the horizon. Have you ever heard of the Battle of Blair Mountain, the assault on Holly Grove, or the Battle of Matewan? You might be wondering what a war in some foreign country has to do with our Second Amendment, except that the foreign country was West Virginia, and the attacker was the victims' own government. Tyranny is not on the horizon, because it is nipping at our ankles, and has already taken a chunk from our buttocks. Leftists should know this better than anyone. The early 1900's was a...(Read Full Article)