What the Despised Rich, Smart Kids, and Fallen Heroes Have in Common

What do the despised rich, smart kids, and fallen heroes have in common?  They are all victims of the progressive movement.  When being rich is finally made synonymous with undeserved privilege, individual achievement in other areas will be targeted.  When success is considered unfair, then being unsuccessful will be called unfair and undeserved.  And those of means and ability who reject this burden will be demonized. Progressives have turned society against conservatives who are successful through business; they claim that the rich have hoarded the profits that they made on the backs of the public.  "Spread the wealth around" and "you didn't build that" are designed to convince Americans that the rich are not that way because of hard work or intelligence; it's because they gamed the system, and they should be despised. The left is now doing the same thing to students who get good grades.  The education establishment has begun an attack on homework....(Read Full Article)