Weighing the Gun Control Argument

It is a bit misleading to call our current national discussion about gun control a "debate."  Simply put, politicians and the media directing the discussion aren't interested in evidence or conclusions contrary to those that they have a vested interest in disseminating.  They are interested merely in silencing any opposition, and they rely on their devoted acolytes to continue empowering them to do so. It's about belief for these acolytes, not proof.  Because they believe in the moral imperative, whether or not facts support their beliefs is unimportant.  They just blindly accept that what they've been told is true, and they look upon those who believe otherwise as dangerous heretics. Yet in a somewhat intellectually quixotic self-perception, these gun-control zealots declare themselves the rational thinkers on the subject and believe their conclusions infallible, despite the fact that the hypotheses to which they are so devoted are rarely measured in the...(Read Full Article)