Using Gun Violence to Get Elected

The most frustrating aspect of the continuing verbal marathon about guns and gun control is that no one is talking about the real cause of our continuing problem with mass, meaningless murder. That means no one is talking about real solutions that will have real results. Instead, we are once again talking about disarming law-abiding citizens, or (more accurately) pushing government deeper into our lives by diluting the only document on the planet -- the U. S. Constitution -- that protects humans from tyranny. Take away guns and you still have violence. But take away our Constitution and you empower tyrants, both illegal and legal, who will have plenty of guns whether they are banned or not. So, why are we spending so much time talking about a non-solution to such a serious problem? One reason is because the liberals who make up our current ruling class, in a very significant way, have caused these senseless tragedies, and they certainly don't want to talk about that. How did liberals...(Read Full Article)