The Tyrant in Your Television

Like most of you, I was too busy looking for something else to do to listen to Barack Obama's State of the Union address.  I figured I could check out the president's unofficial blog,, for anything I had missed.  As it happens, my perusal of People's World proved that there had been no surprises: the speech won high praise from that unofficial Obama newsletter (not to be confused with his unofficial newspaper, the New York Times) for focusing on the need for quick action on establishing a global dictatorship to solve the problem of superstorms (sorry, that's "Superstorms," capital "S") produced by Anthropogenic Global Warming.  (The root cause of this settled science, which a unanimous 36 percent of scientists have chosen to have faith in, is apparently the unnatural level of White House gases in the atmosphere after a State of the Union address.) At any rate, as I later learned, and as I am sure you already know, the big story of that night was not...(Read Full Article)