Super Bowl XLVII: The Great American Morality Tale

The final score in this year's Super Bowl was surprisingly close, given Baltimore's domination in a lopsided first half: Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31.  Another score was also very close: 52% to 48%.  In an poll that asked if the halftime show was "too sexy," 52% responded, "Yes, children were watching," while 48% said, "No, it was entertaining."  With 108 million people watching the flashy ads and halftime extravaganza, the Super Bowl has become more than a mere football game.  It's a cultural event that reflects the spirit of the nation. Following Janet Jackson's breast-bearing display at the 2004 halftime show, Beyoncé's strutting, lioness-like growling and unabashedly sexy striptease held little shock value.  Far more surprising was the Dodge Ram Truck commercial -- arguably the most compelling ad of the Super Bowl -- featuring a voice-over of Paul Harvey delivering his famous 1978 speech, "So God made a farmer."  Sure, the evening...(Read Full Article)