'Skeeterism' and Obama's Columbia Years

Can you believe it? Even the (ahem) news outlets the Washington Post and the New York Times are questioning the veracity of Barack Obama's claim that he skeet-shoots "all the time." Happily, the propagandists' hard-hitting, integrity-filled attempts to shift the political presentation of the gun debate have unwittingly opened the door to very serious scrutiny of a great deal of Mr. Obama's assertions pertaining to his own biography. This is because the exact same standards the propagandists themselves have decided to use as justification for questioning Obama's claim that he skeet-shoots all the time can also be applied to generate very serious suspicion about plenty of other things that we are to suppose are true about Obama. A Feb. 2 New York Times article is clearly suspicious of Obama's skeet claim, even though Obama has released a picture depicting himself skeet-shooting: The skeet-shooting comment caught many off guard because it is not something the president has talked about....(Read Full Article)