Scandinavian Models Look Great, But...

Liberals have long pointed to Scandinavian countries as model societies. The liberal refrain was if, but only if, America adopted the Scandinavian Model (a high-tax, high-spend welfare state also known as the Nordic Model) could Americans enjoy the benefits that made Scandinavian life nearly ideal. Whether government redistributionist policies or the Nordic people themselves created exceptionally livable communities is debatable. What is not debatable, however, is that Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have routinely topped, and continue to top, lists of the world's most prosperous nations and the world's happiest people. Even Shakespeare would be impressed with the state of Denmark. Despite continuing to dominate livability surveys, it hasn't been smooth sailing for the Vikings' descendants the past twenty years. The early 90s financial crisis strained Scandinavian welfare states. The utopian model could no longer be financed. In order to continue their profligate spending the...(Read Full Article)