Republicans: The Story of Us

(An essay inspired by the recently History Channel multi-part series, "Mankind, The Story of Us".) The Republicans have always represented the job makers, the providers, the builders, the corporations, and the military: the hunters and warriors that kept America safe, strong, productive, and innovative. The Democrats have thrived on those back at the camp: the unions, government employees, the unemployed, the poor, the needy, the old, and the entitled. Long ago in a more primitive time, the hunter left the safety of the camp to hunt for food to bring back to his family. His mate distributed the food among their children according to each one's needs. If food was left over, it could be shared with others. Being a good provider was the mark of successful hunter. His family thrived; he gave much to others. It was important that the hunter be the father of the children he fed. The genes of the good hunter were the most likely to survive. The tribe and mankind could grow to be stronger...(Read Full Article)