Pinkwashing: Sexual Assault on Israel

The relentless anti-Israeli warriors can never take yes for an answer. By every index the State of Israel can be proud of its record on sexual issues, especially on the question of gay rights. It is self-evident that these rights are enjoyed, as is political freedom generally, in Israel while rarely if ever in other Middle East countries. The reality in many Arab countries is that homosexual sex is punishable by death or long terms of imprisonment.  It is no coincidence that in a recent survey of web site voters that Tel Aviv was voted the most hospitable town to gays, receiving 43 per cent, while New York was next with 14 per cent and Toronto with 7 per cent.   Any objective and rational observer is aware that gays serve in the Israeli military and some of them are high-ranking officers, that gay partners benefit in both the public and private sectors, that gay adoptions are recognized as are gay marriages, though these are performed abroad, that the Knesset...(Read Full Article)