On to 'Knife Control'

In a perfect world the massacre in Newton, Connecticut would never have happened. But it did. Now we are all left to deal with the aftermath. The death of twenty innocent children has made this issue all the more emotional for us, but the body count and age of the victims shouldn't matter -- murder is always a horrendous crime. The question is: can society ever prevent its members from committing such evil? During a recent debate on gun control MSNBC host Touré said, "We ignore the fact most of the other countries in the world have worked this out, have solved this." No they haven't. As of late, U.S. gun policies are most often compared to that of the United Kingdom's. Following the massacre at Dunblane, the UK enacted a near universal gun ban in 1998. Today the majority of police officers are not allowed to carry a firearm even while on duty, and even the UK Olympic pistol team must fly to Switzerland to practice. All the same, the most recent government statistics...(Read Full Article)