Obscuring the True Face of Mohamed Morsi

Why can't the Western media and the Obama administration call Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi out for what he is -- a racist?  On the contrary, both groups have a frightening habit of portraying Morsi as a respectable politician, someone whose values resemble something similar to our own.  The horrific comments made a few years back by Morsi that have recently made it to the headlines are a prime example of this disquieting trend. Take this comment by New York Times writer David Kirkpatrick, for example: [T]he exposure this month of [Morsi's] virulent comments ... have revealed sharp anti-Semitic and anti-Western sentiments, raising questions about Mr. Morsi's efforts to present himself as a force for moderation and stability.  Instead, the disclosures have strengthened the position of those who say Israel's Arab neighbors are unwilling to commit to peace with the Jewish state. Do Morsi's comments merely "raise questions about his moderation" or "strengthen the...(Read Full Article)