Look Mom, A Conservative!

Here is my question: How is everyone my age not a conservative? I speak of those thirty-five or so years old, somewhat established (if lucky), and long since washed-up on the rocky shore of reality. I speak not of the beatific many, still in the liquid embrace of Mother Gaia, wholly unaware that the waves they ride do eventually meet the shore. I also speak, more specifically, of those my own age in my own geographical area, New England, as well as the general northeastern United States. What better place to learn, first hand, the constant shortcomings and dangerous experiments of liberalism? I suppose I can answer my own question. My generation somewhat justly equates conservatism with Republicanism -- and Republicanism with Evangelical Christianity. (It is no secret that The Cane Ridge Revival does not have many admirers along the streets of Andover nor the coffeehouse-lined hills of Providence.) However, I still expect more from my fellow Gen X/Y-ers than to adhere to such a...(Read Full Article)