Liberals Should Have Known

One of the favorite parlor games of our liberal friends is "The Germans Should Have Known" -- about the Final Solution, about the war crimes, about the slave labor.  Part Two of the game is to blame everyone from Nietzsche to Hegel to Herder to Heidegger for setting the stage for Nazism.  Some people are even able to parlay the parlor game into a bestseller, as with Daniel Goldhagen and his Hitler's Willing Executioners. So, while the president tries out for the new Hollywood blockbuster The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf,' featuring fiscal cliffs and sequesters and climate change, let us imagine the world after liberalism.  It might be a time when media talking heads and ambitious young writers will be figuring out paths to fame and fortune playing the "Liberals Should Have Known" game. Really, I don't think we will be playing "Pin the Tail on the Liberal," because what's the point?  In the glorious dawn of entitlement reform, vigorous economic growth, a...(Read Full Article)