Liberal CNN Panelists Defend Murderer Dorner

"Modern liberalism is moral dysfunction." When I recently made that statement after citing leftist social-media support for murderer Christopher Dorner, some readers thought I'd gone overboard. Surely, the twisted rooting for a paranoid killer on Facebook and elsewhere is just the rambling of an odd minority; there are radicals "on both sides" and one in every bunch, right? But now more evidence has surfaced vindicating my statement that such feelings aren't at all unusual among the passionate left -- evidence provided courtesy of the "professionals" at CNN. The network's Brooke Baldwin hosted a panel discussion on Dorner's support involving MC Lyte of Café Mocha Radio; Buzzfeed sports editor Jack Moore; Lauren Ashburn, editor-in-chief at The Daily Download; and frequent O'Reilly Factor guest Marc Lamont Hill. The consensus? Dorner's actions were understandable. What follows are relevant excerpts of the conversation. When Ashburn -- the only guest shocked by the support for the...(Read Full Article)