Islamists Eliminating History

A new form of warfare by Islamists is being waged.  This new offensive is not only a military campaign for jihad and for the creation of Islamic states ruled by sharia law; rather it is explicitly for the elimination of the non-Islamist past -- an ideological offensive to remove the memories, historical artifacts, monuments, buildings, or any other evidence of the history and contribution of Judaism, Christianity, and even the moderate forms of Islam to civilization.  This offensive is potentially more dangerous than any violence or vandalism or acts of revenge directed against supposed enemies.  Part of it is the denial or minimizing of the Holocaust.   It is now well-understood that since the establishment of the State of Israel in May 1948, Islamist forces and groups, as well as the Palestinian extremists, have not only sought to eliminate it by military methods -- by wars and terrorism -- but also asserted that Jews have no historic association with the land...(Read Full Article)