Is There a 'Positive Right' to Own Firearms?

Emboldened by Obama's easy re-election despite a radical first term, liberals are finally removing the mask of moderation and talking openly about abandoning the Constitution altogether -- or, at a minimum, amending it to include what they call positive rights.  But the left's attacks on firearm ownership alongside their talk of positive rights could raise questions that the left cannot afford to answer, if conservatives are willing to ask. Obama and others on the far left have long claimed that our Constitution is inadequate because of its reliance on negative rights, or restraints on what government can do to us.  Feeling the political wind at their backs, the left is now in a position to radically reframe the role of government as doing things for us, such as providing our health care and guaranteeing a minimum national income. If conservatives don't have enough material for their political nightmares these days, they can always imagine the upcoming polls in which...(Read Full Article)