Is Race Equivalent to Thought?

It is no revelation that the Nazi ideology held fast to racial determinism: the idea that race was consistent with mind and thought. Having grown from the Darwinian spore that heralded men to be as fated as flies of a season, this biological fatalism reduced humanity into an organism that was contingent upon stimuli and responses -- blind necessity and material reduction. From there it was only a necessary step to social and racial theories in which loathsome ideologies could flower in the foul detritus of pseudoscience. It was then inevitable that "Enlightened Minds" expressed postulates of superiority and inferiority from which the former were given a naturalistic right to rule and the latter were therein condemned to: dehumanizing rhetoric, loss of rights, experimental vivisection, and eventual systematic destruction. The smashing of such theories -- ideas that would have poisoned civilization for ten thousand years if victorious -- very nearly destroyed the West. Who can deny now...(Read Full Article)