George Galloway Out of Control

There are few times in history when one is privileged (or horrified) to see a person of rare force rise above national boundaries to become an international phenomenon almost single-handedly.  Even rarer is to see someone who both entrances and horrifies at the same time.  Such a man is Member of Parliament George Galloway; and he is out of control. To those unfamiliar with him, he is a British demagogue, of Scottish and Irish ancestry. He has been in the British parliament for decades where, in spite of condemnation for his extremism, the British have been forced to concede he may be their best orator.  The Spectator, in 2001, awared him the title of Debator of the Year. Galloway is a natural hurricane.  With his Stentorian delivery he commands attention.  His timing is perfect. He tone and pitch are honed to an edge. His wit is beguiling. His vocabulary is lethal.  He quite possibly might be the best orator in the English language since Kennedy or...(Read Full Article)