Forfeiting Freedom by Mass Neurological Dysregulation

In order to maintain political freedom in the United States, a prevalent number of American brains must be capable of understanding, adhering to, and fighting for a secular scripture: the unalterable Declaration of Independence, which defines God-given rights, and the Constitution, which provides the legal framework for a limited government that enables individuals to actualize those rights.  This methodology of freedom-keeping is similar to religion in that it is based on following exalted documents.  But unlike authoritarian forms of religion, there is no excommunication for negating those writings.  We are free to forfeit our freedom. Benjamin Franklin warned about keeping our republic because he recognized that it is almost impossible for a group of people to maintain a functional constitutional republic in the long run.  Due to survival imperatives, the brain is designed to take a place in a herd-like group that follows a leader rather than to be directed by...(Read Full Article)