Exchanging Liberty for a Pittance

The president's priorities during the December fiscal cliff debate were clear: expand government assistance to the welfare class at the expense of those who are actually working and succeeding.  Obama has a vision of America as a socialist economy in which the masses trade in their freedom for a pittance.  If the 2012 election was any indication, that arrangement seems to be gaining in popularity. The real motive behind Obama's expansion of government, however, is not concern for the poor, but rather an insatiable lust for power.  As Milovan Djilas put it, "[p]ower is an end in itself and the essence of contemporary Communism" (The New Class, 1957, p. 22).  Djilas was the best-known dissident in communist Yugoslavia, for which he was sentenced to a total of fifteen years in prison (serving nine before his release).  He understood that Marxist leaders govern not in the interest of the people, but instead in their own interest.  Tito's many palaces...(Read Full Article)