Democrats Claiming Lincoln

Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney is right to be upset with the Steven Spielberg movie Lincoln's historical inaccuracy. The Democrat from the Constitution State was suspected by some Hollywood conspiracy theorists of having an ulterior motive in trying to set the record straight.  Some went so far as to say that the real reason Congressman Courtney was weighing in at this time was that he wanted to aid his high-profile contributor, Ben Affleck's, Oscar bid for Argo. Affleck had given Courtney help on the hustings when he needed it.  Now, as the Washington saying goes, it was time for Courtney to scratch Ben's back. Well, not really. Congressman Courtney is entirely right to yell when little Connecticut's historic commitment to Civil Rights is impugned. Screenwriter Tony Kushner admits he took - ahem --liberties with the chronicle of liberty. In bringing to the screen one of the most important congressional votes in 224 years, Kushner wanted to heighten the drama of...(Read Full Article)