Defend the Second Amendment by Restoring the Eighth

December 30, 2012.  The headline on Drudge, beneath a picture of redcoats blazing away in a Lexington and Concord re-enactment, reads: "OBAMA TO GO FOR GUNS IN 2013 / 'THERE WILL BE RESISTANCE'." Resistance indeed there will be, and rightly so.  Fortunately, conservatives' stand against infringements on gun rights is bolstered by the Supreme Court's recent admission that, as originally understood, the Second Amendment does indeed recognize an individual right to keep and bear arms. But another assault is under way on another part of the Constitution -- an assault that has claimed far more innocent lives over the years than did the massacres that spurred current gun-control agitation.  That other assault has long been gaining strength, and it has been bolstered by conservatives' mystifying lack of resistance. Consider this report from The Washington Times: "Accelerating a trend, lawmakers in Colorado, Maryland and New Hampshire are expected to make a push for pulling...(Read Full Article)