Dear David: Conservatism for the Masses

My middle-child brother David is a great guy and a thinker.  He has worked full-time in a factory for years, but he also coached little league football for several years, growing to become commissioner of the County Youth Football League.  David has noticed America's cultural decline reflected in the attitudes of kids in his football programs -- no fear or respect for authority.  David is non-political -- does not listen to talk radio or watch Fox News.  Thus, he does not connect the cultural decline to politics. While my brother is extremely bright, I view David as being representative of the masses -- of the so-called low-info-voters who re-elected Obama despite his horrific record and crimes against freedom/the Constitution.  Ironically, despite being ignorant of the term, David is very conservative in his personal life. So, this is my challenge.  How do I help David (the masses) to understand that liberalism is at the root of America's decline and...(Read Full Article)