Dangerous Times: Italy stares Into the Abyss

Italy lost 700,000 Italians in World War I, and then immediately voted in Mussolini's fascists, which militarized the whole of Italian society. If you wonder why Italians cheat on their taxes today, it's because they have 25 centuries of experience with nasty tyrants like Mussolini. Well, Mussolini gambled and went to war on Hitler's side, and Italy lost another half million people in WW II. Make it a round 1.3 million Italians dead from very, very bad gambles -- not to mention all the non-Italians they killed. What is astonishing is that Italy, having been punished twice in the 20th century by losing 1.3 million Italians -- and killing a lot more foreigners -- is staring into same bottomless abyss again. There must be something hypnotic about that dark Road to Hell. They can't stop looking, like a deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck. Today, a politician named Beppe Grillo is rising to fame and fortune. His Italian audiences are laughing themselves silly at Beppe's...(Read Full Article)