Barack does not Play Well with Others

Obama strategists said last year they would need to "kill Romney" in order to win the Presidential Election. Well... Barack Obama was surely listening. He conducted the most negative campaign of my lifetime -- and won, because he effectively did kill Romney -- if only metaphorically. Or... maybe people were just so happy with Obama's stewardship of the economy and inclusive politics that they said "I want 4 more years of high unemployment, a shrinking workforce, higher costs for energy, higher taxes, and a nation divided along class and racial lines." I mean, it's possible. Really? No...not really. In any case, I say we in return kill Barack Obama with kindness, condescension, exclusion, and irrelevance. Remove him from the discussion. Marginalize Barack and he can only be effective on the margins in any budget discussion -- or anything of import that needs congressional action. The separation of powers delineated in the Constitution relegates the man to non-factor status in enacting...(Read Full Article)