A Man for all Extremes

Living at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains below Big Bear, the palpable fear that accompanied a desperate fugitive wanted for perhaps the cruelest of murders was not lost on our community. Indeed, our proximity to the manhunt stimulated that wide variety of stark observations that arise when the media firmly secures its jaws into a story that has long legs. In this case, the sordid tale of a rogue ex-policeman bent upon exacting his pound of flesh from the Powers-that-Be that "did him wrong." To hold that Chris Dorner was a madman is perhaps a term of imprecision. He was not mad in the way that people are when they believe they are poached eggs or vampires. He displayed cunning and forethought in his plans that resulted in the violent deaths of four people and the serious wounding of several more. To be sure, he was mad in the way that was said of Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now: "His mind is sane, but his soul is mad." His madness was manifested in the way he utilized means...(Read Full Article)