You Might Be a Hyper-Conservative If... kidnap conservatism in your clown car and drive it into a ditch. Some days I wish I could fire many media 'pundits.' Bloggers too. And politicians. I often click out or turn off the dial. "No wonder we lost the election." You feel the zeal and turn off voters. The DNC loves you, and the Dem-voting news media chuckle and spotlight you. You're hyper-conservative. Jeff Foxworthy uses his "you might be a redneck if" ... humorously. Not me, not this time. But how do you know if you'rehyper-conservative? You might be one if ... 1. You vote libertarian. In your think tanks and blogs your ideas are okay. But as a political party you cause the defeat of Republicans. "I vote to make a statement!"What you don't understand is that we've undergone eighty years of big-government liberalism. You might have won often, say, in 1800 or 1812. Now, however, eliminating too much government too quickly simply cannot be done.This explains why you don't win statewide or national elections, while...(Read Full Article)