Who Would Dare Veto the Sandy Bill?

"Folks have put politics ahead of their responsibilities." So declared New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a highly-publicized news conference where he blasted House Republicans for failure to approve the $60 billion Hurricane Sandy aid package. Christie's stunt -- besides providing another opportunity for the Democrat-media complex to rile up public sentiment to further "stick it to the Man" (i.e. conservatives and "the rich") and an example of the GOP once again exhibiting symptoms of "Stick-it-to-Our-Own-e-osis" -- needs to be evaluated with a little historical perspective. A century ago, President Grover Cleveland, had he been presented with the Sandy bill, might have declared instead: "Folks have put politics ahead of the Constitution." For even if the House passed the Sandy aid package, President Cleveland would have done much more than hold a press conference to blast any person or party for action or inaction. Cleveland would have outright vetoed the bill. Why am I so...(Read Full Article)