What's in a Name?

According to Salon.com, the South Florida Tea Party is changing its name to the "National Liberty Foundation" in an effort to rebrand its image and distance itself from any negative association with the Tea Party movement. Some might think there is some sense to this -- after all, what tea partier hasn't been on the receiving end of a good friend or relative thrusting his hands up to cover his eyes, recoiling in disgust upon discovering that you -- someone he hitherto considered an intelligent, compassionate person -- is really a member of a racist, homophobic, uneducated, anti-government, extreme right-wing, radical tea party group? Isn't it better to cut your losses as a "Tea Party" and rebrand as something else with a different name? What's in a name anyway, especially one that has been so maligned as the Tea Party? Names. Shnames. Well, not really. The Tea Party name is a brand and it stands for Taxed Enough Already, limited government, fiscal responsibility, a return to...(Read Full Article)