Thin Skin, Strong Stomach

As I talk to more and more to folks who have bought into Obama's fabrication about "assault weapons," I contemplate the centrality of secular progressive labeling to their overall scheme.  Progressivism has survived -- thrived -- even in spite of its patent failure.  And it has done so through the selective use of language which rots and subverts the actual ideas its signifiers designate.  Once popular ideas are rotten, the soul of the people follows.  All this is now in our past, not our future, sadly.  It is a fait accompli. How this?  Is not what's right obvious?  Success?  Happiness?  Can we not discern these things through our natural reason?   Similarly, can we not tell the bad?  In other words, how do the nasty, brutish ideas of statists and sec progs like Obama endure so perennially?  Doesn't truth out? Not when progressive masterminds subvert the intelligible good with such furtive and upside-down labels: the...(Read Full Article)