The Virtue of the Fake Clinic

On my regular daily commute I drive by a free pregnancy clinic that does not perform abortions. It exists to care for mothers and their babies, and was located as an alternative to a nearby Planned Parenthood facility which has since moved. The other morning as I passed the clinic for the umpteenth time, I was surprised to see a lone protestor holding a crudely designed sign that said, "Fake Clinic." Without thinking I honked an angry horn (the long blast, not the perky double tap). Oxford defines the word "clinic" as: a place or hospital department where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, especially of a specialist nature. Similarly, Merriam-Webster defines clinic as: a facility (as of a hospital) for diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. The free pregnancy clinic offers counseling, testing, ultrasounds, adoption and pregnancy information, clothing, support and housing referrals. With a fair degree of confidence, we know why the protestor deemed the clinic fake --...(Read Full Article)