The Spoiled-Brat Syndrome

The "spoiled brat syndrome" is my way of describing the current endpoint of decades of various forms of progressive thinking in the molding of current culture. Some of this behavior can be detected in the recent fiscal-cliff-stand-off theater. In the 1920s and 1930s, John Dewey championed the concept that the formal educational system needed to provide children more than just rote learning. The traditional family-oriented life style of the rural farm was being replaced by the industrial workplace and family separation. The State was being relegated the role of universal educator and absent daytime parent. Dewey argued for making the child an interactive member in the educational process and recognizing the variety of individual emotional and intellectual talents amongst children. They were to be prompted to want to learn, and to learn in the interactive environment of other children. Children were to be educated to become functioning members of society and government, and not just...(Read Full Article)