The New Moral McCarthyism

Two articles on separate issues of sexual morality written by Catholics came to me today (January 18, 2013) via the internet. The regular news review of the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), a society dedicated to upholding orthodoxy in Catholic higher education, arrived in my email with a link to an article by Catholic theologian John King at the website Catholic Moral Theology concerning the deleterious effects of modern pornography prevalent via the internet. My Facebook friend and like-minded acquaintance Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), meanwhile, posted a link on my Facebook wall to his recent online Crisis magazine article, "Yet More Christians Silenced in Europe...and America." Writing under a black and white photo of Third Reich Wehrmacht soldiers goose-stepping, Ruse therein discussed recent European Court of Human Rights decisions upholding "decisions of British courts that had decided homosexual rights trump the rights of...(Read Full Article)