The Left's Greatest Mind-Trick: Politicizing Emotion

The greatest mind-trick in the left's entire arsenal is politicizing emotion.  Once one accomplishes that, there is no limit on a government's mandate to take action, since there are no rational limits on emotion. Take the following emotionally extreme examples into consideration.  Is it right or wrong to kill a baby for a million dollars?  How about murdering a school full of children for a billion dollars?  Or how about shooting a family member for a trillion dollars? As horrendous as it is to contemplate committing any of these foul acts, the monetary amount, itself a reflection of material resources and human labor, doesn't have any bearing on whether or not something is right. Now, consider the welfare state.  Is it right or wrong to help a poor person?  What about providing for children's education?  Or making sure that everyone has health coverage?  These things appear self-evidently right, and therefore the cost doesn't matter to the...(Read Full Article)